April 18, 2019

Denominations and Blended Families

By Gary Rohrmayer, President of Church Multiplication Partners Disclaimer: Below is an example of a Vision Casting message I shared at the biennial gathering of Converge MidAmerica, a church starting and strengthening organization. This is part 1. It’s been said that denominations and churches are like families, but in reality, they are more like blended families. Today blended families now make up more than half of the families in America. It is very rare today for an extended family not to have some blended family members. According to Cyperparent.com, these are the characteristics of blended families. A Blended Family Is Appealing: A blended family is often large. They offer diverse perspectives. They tend to be fun and exciting. They are a place where acceptance and love is extended freely. A Blended Family Is Not Perfect: A blended family can be frustrating.  They can be challenging on all fronts and at times there is often conflicted feelings just below the service. […]
March 21, 2019

Practical Advice for Doing a 21-Day Prayer Campaign Before Easter

1. Devote one month to this Prayer Initiative before Easter Sunday  2. Preach a four-week sermon series on prayer: Sermon #1 – Introduction to series and 21-day devotional book. The next three sermons can be ideas from the book to reinforce it in the lives of your people. 3. Read Gary’s Blog – 11 Keys to An Explosive Easter and see how you can maximize your efforts.  4. Invite them to courageously pray for friends and family who are far from Jesus. Have them generate a list of five friends or family members to pray for during the 21 days. 5. Invite them to courageously pray for a list of church-wide prayer goals. Leadership – develop five to six prayer goals for the church for your members to pray for during the 21 days. 6. Hold a series of corporate prayer meetings or a concert of prayer.  7. Purchase one of the 21 Days Prayer books at a discount from Your […]