September 19, 2016

Why Am I Passionate About Church Planting?

I am passionate about church planting for a number of reasons: Church Planting is the main vehicle for expressing God’s mission. Church Planting is a key strategy in fulfilling Jesus’ great commission. Church Planting is the most effective means for making disciples. Church Planting is necessary for the transforming of cultures and societies. Church Planting is the most cost efficient means of evangelism. Church Planting is critical to establishing ongoing mission posts throughout the world. Church Planting is a natural by-product of a healthy church. Church Planting is needed for the survival of the church in America. Every one of these reasons motivates me in some way or another, but the number one reason church planting inflames my heart is because God has captured my heart. God revealed his truth about his Son deep within my soul over 34 years ago and continues to reveal himself to me every day. I am passionate about church planting because I am passionate about […]