Book Review: Leading Church Multiplication

LeadMCP_bookHere is a book that is built on solid experiences of two veteran church planting leaders – Steve Pike and Tom Nebel. It deals with three important issues:

  • Part 1: “Foundations for a Church Planting Culture”
  • Part 2: “Essential Systems and What to do With Them”
  • Part 3 “ “Leader Strategies, Landmines, and Booby Traps”

I would have so appreciated having this book when I sought to multiply churches in France and in Australia. It not only deals with strategy but has an essential study on “Spiritual Dependence” (Chapter 9).mIt comes from a North American context but a wise church planter or leader of church planters will be able to contextualize this for use in other countries.

This reviewer found chapter 22 to be the only study I have seen on what they call “Stewarding Opportunities by Managing Environmental Risk.” The explanation of a practice where there failures by just assuming “that anyone who lived Jesus and used a standard direct mail piece could plant a church” (243) to assessing and then mentoring church planters lead to a 80% success rate in church planting. But then that was heightened to a 90% success rate by taking into consideration (after assessment and mentoring) what they call “environmental risk factors” (4 strong and 4 moderate). Church planters working in other contexts will need to see how this might be adapted to their cultural situation but will be helped by seeing what Nebel and Pike have learned.

Anyone seeking to develop effective church planters into various contexts will want to think through and use this material to see the maximum effectiveness in church planting. Church planters, those training church planters, leaders of churches planting churches will all profit from this extensive and helpful book. I recommend it highly.

Dr. Robert J. Vajko, International Church Planting Consultant, The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)

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